The Role of MoSCoW Methodology in Shaping Successful Business Strategies

Paul Clark
By Paul Clark

04 FEB 2024

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In the world of business, partnerships and collaborations can be the catalysts for innovation and growth. However, not all opportunities are created equal, and choosing the right ones is critical to success. Enter GlobalTech, a forward-thinking tech company seeking to expand its horizons through strategic partnerships and collaborations. To aid in their decision-making process, GlobalTech turns to, a robust platform that integrates the MoSCoW methodology.


GlobalTech is presented with multiple partnership opportunities. From a promising startup offering innovative AI solutions to an established logistics company that could enhance their supply chain efficiency. The challenge lies in prioritizing these prospects in a way that aligns with GlobalTech’s strategic objectives.

Which Partner

GlobalTech’s executive team convenes to make the decision on which partnership to go with facilitated by using

Must-have (M):

  • Alignment with GlobalTech’s core values and strategic goals.
  • Financial stability and market reputation of the potential partner.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Clear mutual benefits and ROI.

Should-have (S):

  • Proven track record of innovation and market disruption.
  • Geographic reach that complements GlobalTech’s expansion plans.
  • Cultural fit between organizations.
  • Potential for long-term collaboration beyond the immediate project.

Could-have ( C ):

  • Additional resources such as specialized talent or technology.
  • Opportunity for co-branding and joint marketing initiatives.
  • Previous collaboration experience with similar-sized companies.

Won’t-have (W):

  • Overlapping product lines that could lead to internal competition.
  • A requirement for excessive resource allocation from GlobalTech’s side.
  • High-risk markets or industries not part of GlobalTech’s strategic direction.

Decision-making Process

Utilizing, the team scores each potential partnership against the given criteria.

Partnership Evaluation

GlobalTech uses to apply the same criteria to the partnerships allowing for a standardized yet flexible approach to partnership assessment. This decision can also be looked back on at a later time to see how the decisions outcome was reached.


Through the MoSCoW methodology and the capabilities of, GlobalTech successfully identifies and engages with two new business partners. The first, an AI startup, aligns perfectly with their ‘Must-have’ criteria, offering cutting-edge technology and a strong cultural fit. The second, a mid-sized logistics company, meets all of GlobalTech’s ‘Should-have’ criteria, promising to enhance supply chain efficiency with minimal risk.

Continuous Assessment and Adaptation

With, GlobalTech continuously monitors the outcomes of these partnerships against the original decisions criteria. This ongoing assessment allows them to adapt their strategy, ensuring that any future collaborations better align with their business objectives.

Embrace Strategic Decision-making with

Choosing the right business partnerships is crucial. can guide you through the process with the proven MoSCoW methodology, ensuring your collaborations are strategic, beneficial, and in line with your company’s goals.

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