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Use Case: Utilizing MoSCoW Methodology in Final Candidate Selection

Paul Clark
By Paul Clark

17 JAN 2024

2 min read


ABC Corporation is in the final stages of recruiting a Senior Marketing Manager. The recruitment team has narrowed the selection down to three highly qualified candidates. To make the final decision, they employ, which integrates the MoSCoW methodology into the decision-making process.


The final candidates have diverse strengths which make the decision complex:

  • Candidate A has extensive experience and a strong strategic background.
  • Candidate B is highly creative with a track record of successful campaigns.
  • Candidate C is tech-savvy with a deep understanding of digital marketing.

MoSCoW Application:

The hiring panel, using, sets up the following criteria based on the MoSCoW methodology:

M (Must-Have):

  • Proven leadership abilities.
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in marketing.

S (Should-Have):

  • Experience in leading a team of at least ten people.
  • A strong portfolio of past campaigns.

C (Could-Have):

  • Experience with the latest digital marketing tools.
  • An MBA or related advanced degree.

W (Won’t-Have This Time):

  • International marketing experience is not prioritized for this role.


By leveraging and the MoSCoW methodology, ABC Corporation successfully picks the best candidate. The company hires a talented Marketing Manager leading to increase profits from many great marketing campaigns

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