Decision Maker
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Write what should not be forgotten.
Isabel Allende


Decision Maker is a powerful program that allows you to make quantitative decisions based on clear and unbiased solutions.

Decisions can either be easy or hard. If it is hard then setting out your criteria and grouping them under an appropriate category. Decision Maker helps you do that in a simple and concise manner. You are also able to keep a record of the decision in case you or anyone else wants to know why a decision was made.

If you have important decisions to make then it is essential to have:

  1. A common framework that sets out how the decision is made

  2. A record of previous decisions so that you can go back to see why a decision was made

  3. Weighted criteria because some criteria are more important (have a higher priority) than others

  4. A process that removes unintentional bias and emotion from a decision

  5. A record that you can learn from and use to make better decisions in the future ​