Decision Maker
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Projects are containers for grouping Decisions. If you are using Decision Maker for a business then this is a way of breaking down work into particular areas in each department. So for a Software Development you might have a Payroll Project, Customer Management System Project ...

If you are using Decision Maker for yourself then you could have Projects based on areas of your life (Holidays, purchases ...) or calendar years/months.

Creating a Project

To create a new Project click on the plus button on the top right of the Projects page. This will open the dialog to create the new Project.

The mandatory fields for a project are the name of the project and the key. The key is an abbreviated form of the name. So if the projects name is Human Resources you could have a key of HR.

The description field is just a description of what the project is for. The color field is used as an easy way of identifying a project out of a group. You can use the same color to identify related projects.

The Project Type allows you to specify what type of decisions you plan to make decisions for. Initially these will be limited but we plan to expand them over time. If you are unsure which one to use then select "Business Analyst"