Decision Maker
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Write what should not be forgotten.
Isabel Allende


  • Criteria: A list of requirements, facts, statements... used to judge which option is the best for a decision. They should be verbs (i.e. ability to do..., be able to..., provide after-hours support..., can scale to...)

  • Category: A group of criteria. All criteria must belong to a category (i.e. General, Integrations, Reports, Financial)

  • Importance/priority: This indicates how important criteria will be. So if the criteria is vital to the decision then you would set that criterias importance/priority to Must Have. If it has little impact on the decision then you would set it to Could Have.

  • Certainty: This is how much a comparison of a service/product/outcome meets the criteria. For example, if you compare photocopiers and you had a criteria of "must support color copying". So if a copier had full support you would have a certainty of "Yes", if it didn't support color copying then you would give it "No" and if it was inconclusive you would give it a Maybe".

  • Scoring: This is when you add a certainty (Yes/No/Maybe) for each criteria and compare item. Once a decision has been made and moved into In Progress the decision is scored. Once scoring is completed the decision is moved to Completed.