Decision Maker
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Write what should not be forgotten.
Isabel Allende

Use Cases

Decide on which booking/scheduling site to use.

You need an online booking/scheduling system to replace the current phone and spreadsheet-based system. Find out what you need from the system and enter it as criteria. Weight those criteria so that the most important (highest priority) ones have the highest importance/priority.

Score the criteria for each option and your decision has been made. If someone asks you why you chose that system then just show them the decision.

Hiring an Employee.

Trying to decide between the shortlisted applicants for a new job? Enter the criteria you are looking for where the importance/priority dictates if you must have, should have, could have or won't have a criteria. Input a criteria score for each applicant. Decision Maker has just empowered you to pick the best applicant.​

New criteria can be added at any time during the hiring process, even after it is fully scored. Once the score for the criteria is added the overall outcome is updated with the new result.

Purchasing Equipment.

Accounting has asked you to purchase a new printer for them. You get them to create a decision with all the criteria (features) that they want and state the importance/priority for each (must have, should have...). The criteria of what they are wanting is recorded in a clear way on the decision.

You find two printers that meet those needs, the Brother HL1210W or HP M776 printer? You score each criteria for the two printers. You can now go back to Accounting with details of the two printers and present it to them along with the decision. Accounting doesn't need to go through tons of features because they have the decision all filled out for them.

New Device Purchase.

Looking at getting a new phone? Work out what features you are looking for in a phone and enter them as criteria. Adjust the importance/priority of each criteria to suit your desires. Score the criteria for phone and that's it, you now know which one to get

Which university should my daughter go to

Decide what you are wanting in a university and enter it as criteria. Score the criteria against each university you are looking at. You have your decision!